Terms & Conditions


Repair Terms

By placing an order for repair service, you certify that you are the devices rightful owner and that you agree to and understand the following:

  1. Repairing or attempting repair on a phone with any sort of liquid damage can cause the device not to power on under certain circumstances. If the device has preexisting water damage, devices have been known to be non-functional after repairs. Mobi.Geek is not liable if the device doesn't function properly after attempted repair.
  2. All repair work, attempts, and parts are not refundable.
  3. Any physical damage and or liquid damage to the replacement part will not be covered by Mobi.Geek.
  4. Mobi.Geek is not responsible for any data loss.
  5. Mobi.Geek is not responsible for any further damage that may result from any diagnostic or repair attempt. If customer supplies parts for repair, this voids parts and labor warranty.